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I have found Logikcull quite easy to use. Their customer support is top notch. Every time I have a question they are very quick to respond and then they follow up to make sure my issue was resolved.

Thea Wagner
Executive Assistant/Office Manager,
Singularity LLP

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I have found Logikcull quite easy to use. Their customer support is top notch. Every time I have a question they are very quick to respond and then they follow up to make sure my issue was resolved.

Thea Wagner
Executive Assistant/Office Manager Singularity LLP

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I’ve used a handful of document review platforms, and Logikcull is one of my favorites. It has an entirely easy and logical UI, with everything that I need for a typical document review. I really appreciate the customer service chat feature, and have spoken on the phone a couple times with really helpful techs. When I have a choice, I often recommend to clients that we use Logikcull. One thing I’d be interested in is your capabilities for cell phone imaging and review.

Corey Goerdt
Attorney Fisher & Phillips LLP

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For our small to medium size matters, I love using Logikcull to search and review data. I often say Logikcull is the Apple OS of ediscovery platforms, because everything is so intuitive and the interface is so refined. I recommended Logikcull to this firm and will continue to recommend it to boutique firms for matters under 50gb.

Chris Farrell
Paralegal Singer Bea LLP

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The Logikcull tool is highly user intuitive for most tasks. Our firm’s attorneys find it easy to begin a review. Our lit support staff finds it super easy to set up a project and upload data. In fact, during our pilot of the project, I turned a few of our (admittedly more technically “aware”) attorneys loose in a project with no training at all. They figured out how to tag, download selected docs, and even upload a new doc set on their own.

Jennifer Williams
Director of Practice Support Vinson & Elkins

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The search function is very intuitive and OCR is pretty accurateNot being able to do downloads with certain types of doc endorsements more efficient doc review and production process

Logikcull is really intuitive and if I ever have a question about anything I quickly receive an answer via the chat function.

Meaghan Korbas
Paralegal Manion Gaynor & Manning

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Easy to get started, intuitive interface, predictable subscription pricing. Drag and drop your electronic files into Logikcull and they’ll be processed and ready to review, usually the same day. Great for anyone that needs to be up and running quickly. Customer service is fantastic, they seek continuous feedback from users and roll out frequent upgrades in response. All in the cloud so no IT infrastructure or personnel necessary.

Maureen Brown
Co-Founder/Consultant eDiscovery Gurus, Inc.

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While this application has been written for legal document discovery production processing, this program can be applied to any industry or office that has a large number of documents that need to be de-duplicated, OCRd, organized, and then downloaded.

Richard Kelly
Associate Professor University of California

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Ease of import for quick look. Export small productionsInability to change custodian name, delete certain imports or documentsWillingness of attorneys to use Logikcull = benefits clients

Bethanie Bexar

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Very easy to use, loaded with features and they continue to add more every day, great support from Logik staff. HTML 5 based and can be access from any web browser unlike some products that require Internet Explorer few little. Larger documents with many pages can take several seconds to display in the preview window but nothing major to note here.Definitely worth giving a shot. Much cheaper and easier to use than any other product we tired before.We are able to be far more organized with the intake and production of E-Discovery.

I find Logikcull extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. As a lawyer, I rely on the tool to review and organize documents. It has helped immensely in both those aspects!!

Brettny Hardy
Attorney Earthjustice

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Very easy to use, constantly adding new features, receptive to user feedback and great support.

Brad Fulmer
Turner Padget P.A.

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Logikcull is a competitor to Concordance, Relativity, and other e-discovery platforms. It has the added feature that you don’t need to pay a vendor to load documents up into the database; which is great for saving money for your clients.

Erik Dykema
Upshaw PLLC

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We were tired of relying on third party e-discovery vendors to manage and control almost ever step of the electronic document discovery and management process. With Logikcull, we now have visibility into and control over the manner and timing of the data processing, review, tag creation, and production processing activities. It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional vendor model (and associated high cost) and gives us the flexibility we need to manage our cases and documents. And the support team is very responsive.

Antigone Peyton
Cloudigy Law PLLC

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Simple search and sort functions are easy to use and helpful.

Logikcull’s ability to scale down to small firms means that big firms are no longer the only players in the e-discovery game. This product can manage every corner of the e-discovery process, from case investigation, to document review, to document production in virtually any format that opposing counsel’s heart desires. It has redefined the market, and there is no longer a need to outsource e-discovery work to those who can afford high software overhead.

Tyler O'Halloran
Attorney Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle Townsend, P.C.

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Logikcull is an excellent product. Easy to use, functional, and great value. We have used it for several large document reviews and productions and are very pleased.

Samantha Everett
Attorney Newman Du Wors LLP

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Having outsourced our e-discovery needs before and getting saddled with prohibitively expensive monthly bills for half the functionality and ease of use that Logikcull offers, we are thrilled with our entire experience.

Kristin Fischer
Villarreal Hutner PC

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It’s great that you can filter docs swiftly by tags (and create tags yourself such as ’hot’ ’confidential’ ’NEPA’ docs) and sort them into folders (’we’ve been sorting by Agencies who provided the FOIA docs.) I’ve also never used a document reviewing tool before, but Logikcull strikes me as unique in that you can make a note corresponding to an individual document, and send that comment (and the doc itself) to a particular person’s email or set of emails. You are also able to use the ’search’ tool in Logikcull to search through said comments, which is a cool feature.

Priya Kamath
Litigation Assistant Earthjustice

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For an expedited project, the processing for review was fast and enabled us to complete the review in an easy and efficient manner. The privilege filtering enabled us to cull out for Privilege and get the responsive data produced quickly.

Patti Zerwas
Discovery Project Manager Haynes and Boone

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Logikcull is everything it is advertised to be. Loved my free trial. Was so impressed with both the platform itself and the customer support. Great product, great people. Can’t wait to begin using Logikcull regularly. If any of this piques your interest at all, I’d encourage you to follow the folks at Logikcull on Twitter (@logikcull). These people know what they’re doing and I’m so excited to watch them and their platform change e-discovery forever. Grateful to have found them on Twitter myself - Logikcull has truly been career-changing for me. Cheers!

Courtney Piggot

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Overall, the software is good. It is, at times, somewhat difficult to use. The major drawbacks the cost and the time it takes to review documents through the software.

Corey Richter
Lipson Neilson

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Logikcull stands head and shoulders above its competition as it is the only e-discovery software company to offer a free account for users to experience its product. It is very simple to use and is constantly being improved and upgraded to match the needs of the marketplace. Its principles are constantly seeking input from users to approve their experience with the software.

David Steinfeld
Owner Law Office of David Steinfeld

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I use it for smaller productions, and I really appreciate the ease of uploading documents and downloading productions.

Alicia Wilson
Senior Counsel/E-Discovery Counsel NYC Law Department

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I have been a paralegal, in almost every legal field for over 10 years, with particularly extensive experience in Discovery, especially E-Discovery. This is the best database I have come across. Everything is about this program is top notch.

Alberto Piedra
Contracted Paralegal Ulmer & Berne LLP (Robert Half Contractor)

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