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Even with no prior experience with eDiscovery, I managed to comb through over 84000 pages of documents in under two weeks, while working full time. I can only imagine how useful this would be to an attorney just getting started with eDiscovery. Thanks, Matt. And thanks, Logickull! I literally could not have done this without you. Definitely not for such an affordable rate.

Simon Orr
Office Specialist 2,
Pro Se Litigant

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Even with no prior experience with eDiscovery, I managed to comb through over 84000 pages of documents in under two weeks, while working full time. I can only imagine how useful this would be to an attorney just getting started with eDiscovery. Thanks, Matt. And thanks, Logickull! I literally could not have done this without you. Definitely not for such an affordable rate.

Simon Orr
Office Specialist 2 Pro Se Litigant

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What brings my team and I back to Logikcull is it’s support. They respond quickly, aren’t condescending (hugely helpful with non-tech savvy personnel) and know their stuff. Logikcull is constantly evolving, adding more features and really catering to it’s clientele. Great program, highly recommend.

Chy Eaton
Paralegal Newman Du Wors LLP

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The customer support staff is absolutely AMAZING! They were so patient and more than willing to take the time to walk me through my first experience creating a document production download, and are always so quick to respond to the many questions I ask.

Emily Flores
Litigation Paralegal Cheng Cohen LLC

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This is a useful piece of software for keeping track of voluminous e-discovery documents. I am working on a case involving over 75,000 pages of documents now, and the tool is generally quite good at finding the documents I am looking for. The best thing about the software is its rapid customer service team, who responds to questions very quickly. Sometimes its search functionality can be a little unintuitive, but once you get trained, you will find yourself working pretty quickly.

Marie Logan

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I’ve had a generally positive experience with Logikcull. Loading, searching, and tagging are my favorite easy to use features. I would like the creation of production volumes to be built out, especially when it comes to viewing produced versions of our own documents within Logikcull and supplementing previous productions. Also would like requested features to be implemented quicker than they currently are, or at least to be given a timetable by which they will be implemented.

Kevin Metti
Litigation Paralegal Durie Tangri LLP

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Generally have been happy with Logikcull. It simplifies the eDiscovery process. There are still a few items that are needed, but have been told they are on the drawing board. Also it’s dependent on internet speed and environment, which can cause issues.

David Tobin
Applications Development Manager Fowler White Burnett, P.A.

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I’ve worked as a paralegal for 11 years, and in that time have prepared numerous paper and PDF document productions. The process has often been extremely cumbersome, and for jobs with thousands of pages, great care is needed to ensure client information is protected and productions are properly responsive.

Sara Kent
Paralegal CLG

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Logikcull has been user friendly and very easy to learn, it has made my processing faster. It has made training others easy as well. The clients like using the product and that has taken some of the burden off of me.

Donna Christian
Litigation Support Analyst Cognicion

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If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive and easy to use review platform this is the one for you.

Taylor Bartlett
Heninger Garrison Davis

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Logikcull is one of the best e-discovery tools out there and highly recommended based on my experience.

Chad Main

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Logikcull’s ability to scale down to small firms means that big firms are no longer the only players in the e-discovery game. This product can manage every corner of the e-discovery process, from case investigation, to document review, to document production in virtually any format that opposing counsel’s heart desires. It has redefined the market, and there is no longer a need to outsource e-discovery work to those who can afford high software overhead.

Tyler O'Halloran
Attorney Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle Townsend, P.C.

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I use it for smaller productions, and I really appreciate the ease of uploading documents and downloading productions.

Alicia Wilson
Senior Counsel/E-Discovery Counsel NYC Law Department

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I was asked to put together a production of email and native excel spreadsheets on a Friday afternoon. Our normal vendor could not complete the task, so I reached out to Logikcull for help. Not only was I able to get the job done, but The tool was so intuitive that I was halfway done with the production before I spoke with Robert who was supposed to walk me through using the tool. Additionally, the team at Logikcull provided great service and made themselves available to make sure my production was completed on time. Thanks Logikcull!

Ray Biederman
COO Proteus Discovery Group LLC

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Logikcull is a great first-look tool for the small, cost conscious cases / clients. Emails and documents can be imported very quickly. It can be used for basic reviews and productions. Tags and fields can be created in seconds. The export tool is very helpful in that there are many templates already set up.

Bethanie Bexar
Vinson & Elkins, LLP

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We use Logikcull for document review and production. The features are very useful and streamline the process for us, saving us time and our clients money.

Stephanie Wilson
Berenzweig Leonard

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We just did our first ingestion into Logikcull. It’s as simple as it could possibly be - drag and drop! It took a little longer to ingest/process/analyze and post-process than I expected given what I THOUGHT I was ingesting’.that said, it expanded to more than 18GB, so I suppose in hindsight it made sense. I’m also very very impressed that Logikcull was able to de-duplicate so many documents that our other software missed (26% duplication)! Believe it or not, that data had already been de-duplicated!

Tanya Barbiero
Manager of Litigation Technology/Law Clerk Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

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My initial use of the software has been extremely easy to use, with great customer service. I find the pre-loaded options to cull emails particularly useful.

John Thomas
Smith Hulsey & Busey

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I’m still learning how to use this tool, so I don’ t feel like I have an expert level opinion just yet. What I have used this for is organizing some small scale document productions.

Ben Roman
Paralegal Fisher Phillips

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I can’t say enough good things about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required that we buy expensive equipment and hire a consultant to assist. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.

Katie Lynch
Legal Support Manager Veolia Support Services North America LLC

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Logikcull excels at getting those who don’t have an established eDiscovery process up and running quickly. It’s not a hassle to get started (read: you don’t have to have 3 sit downs with your vendor first), and it’s easy to use. Most of my attorneys only needed a few minutes of explanation before they were off and running. The pricing is reasonable and predictable because there aren’t charges for every little thing.

Austen Bommarito
Director of IT Young Basile

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The search function is very intuitive and OCR is pretty accurateNot being able to do downloads with certain types of doc endorsements more efficient doc review and production process

highly responsive client service-oriented team, from management to DEV

Jenifer Melby
Director of eDiscovery & Litigation Support Bowman and Brooke LLP

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I first learned of Logikcull when I read something on-line from their CEO to the effect that electronic discovery was an enormous waste of time and money. I contacted them and said that I completely concurred. They asked if I would do a webpost interview on the subject, which I did. You can hear it here: I dislike nothing about.

Easily upload large data files and assign custodiansNothing to speak with respect to disliking any aspect of the product.Nice to have a cloud based solution than can be accessed from anywhere.Legal investigations

Our firm uses Logikcull for our e-discovery matters, and the product is not only technically sounds and easy to use, the customer service provided is among the best we have encountered. Highly recommended on all fronts.

Ryen Rasmus
Associate Attorney Berenzweig Leonard, LLP

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