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My team at a prior firm had the opportunity to use Logikcull for information governance projects. Using it for the collection and data transfers associated with lawyer mobility brought tremendous efficiencies to a tedious, labor-intensive process. We were able to reduce the amount of staff time required to manually review and extract specific types of files and data, and reduced the amount of time required by attorneys to conduct a final review.

Leigh Isaacs
Director, Records & Information Governance,
White & Case LLP

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My team at a prior firm had the opportunity to use Logikcull for information governance projects. Using it for the collection and data transfers associated with lawyer mobility brought tremendous efficiencies to a tedious, labor-intensive process. We were able to reduce the amount of staff time required to manually review and extract specific types of files and data, and reduced the amount of time required by attorneys to conduct a final review.

Leigh Isaacs
Director, Records & Information Governance White & Case LLP

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I can’t say enough good things about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required that we buy expensive equipment and hire a consultant to assist. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.

Katie Lynch
Legal Support Manager Veolia Support Services North America LLC

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I’m still learning how to use this tool, so I don’ t feel like I have an expert level opinion just yet. What I have used this for is organizing some small scale document productions.

Ben Roman
Paralegal Fisher Phillips

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If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive and easy to use review platform this is the one for you.

Taylor Bartlett
Heninger Garrison Davis

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We just did our first ingestion into Logikcull. It’s as simple as it could possibly be - drag and drop! It took a little longer to ingest/process/analyze and post-process than I expected given what I THOUGHT I was ingesting’.that said, it expanded to more than 18GB, so I suppose in hindsight it made sense. I’m also very very impressed that Logikcull was able to de-duplicate so many documents that our other software missed (26% duplication)! Believe it or not, that data had already been de-duplicated!

Tanya Barbiero
Manager of Litigation Technology/Law Clerk Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

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Our client needed a tool to be able to review documents in small litigation matters where the stakes were not high and minimal documents - needed a functional tool but not all the bells and whistles of more expensive platforms. So far this has been a great alternative.

Kimberlee DeWitt
Attorney Hunton & Williams LLP

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What brings my team and I back to Logikcull is it’s support. They respond quickly, aren’t condescending (hugely helpful with non-tech savvy personnel) and know their stuff. Logikcull is constantly evolving, adding more features and really catering to it’s clientele. Great program, highly recommend.

Chy Eaton
Paralegal Newman Du Wors LLP

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User interface is very friendly and intuitive. Quick processing times for documents. Easy download of identified documents. Intuitive tagging. Fast and helpful customer service. No easy “undo” option if bulk documents culled or tagged incorrectly. Would like a function to see, for example, a users last 10 tasks and have the ability to undo if needed. But, customer support has been great for helping us the one or two times we’ve needed to fix something. Nothing else on the “dislike” list - it’s a great product.Try it - you will be shocked how much more efficient it is than the two or three standard doc review systems that most law firms have been using for years.

The user interface is the most intuitive I have encountered; and new features seem to be added regularly based on user feedback. Accessibility from all of my devices, browsers, etc. is a huge plus that makes the product really stand out. Love using it.

Joe Beavers
Principal Miles & Stockbridge

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We recently had a case where we needed to conduct a privilege review of emails related to our client. Logikcull was the perfect choice for several reasons.

Chris Dix
Attorney Smith Hulsey & Busey

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Its ability to organize, search and sort through large volumes of digital information in an efficient manner, particularly with native format email, provides a solo practitioner or small firm with the ability to handle larger and more complex cases.

William Scherer, III

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I would recommend using this program. To have the documents OCR’d and to be able to do a search with to and from emails is a huge help. The customer service from the sales to the tech people are amazing. They are very helpful and they keep in contact with you after you purchase the product to see how you are doing and if you have any questions. It’s one of the best customer services we have had in a long time. The only thing the system is not able to do is separate an attachment from an email, which we have to do manually. All in all, we would highly recommend Logikcull.

Robyn Campbell
Office Manager Garman Turner Gordon

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Logikcull is everything it is advertised to be. Loved my free trial. Was so impressed with both the platform itself and the customer support. Great product, great people. Can’t wait to begin using Logikcull regularly. If any of this piques your interest at all, I’d encourage you to follow the folks at Logikcull on Twitter (@logikcull). These people know what they’re doing and I’m so excited to watch them and their platform change e-discovery forever. Grateful to have found them on Twitter myself - Logikcull has truly been career-changing for me. Cheers!

Courtney Piggot

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The software is super simple to use. We have implemented several review teams with minimal training. There are some limitations with the program (things like inability to view CAD drawings and inability to highlight on the face of the viewer), but overall, the ease of use far outweighs the limitations. And the responsiveness of the support team is a big plus. Not only are they quick to respond when there are questions or issues, but they also are constantly seeking ideas for what to develop next.

Barbara Jones
Litigation Support Analyst McAngus Goudelock & Courie

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This will be an invaluable tool for any small firm or practitioner because Logikcull handles it all from start to finish. The document upload process appeared seamless, and best of all, I was able to drag and drop files for quick upload - even from cloud services such as Box. Redacting and coding was a breeze - loved the ability to batch code documents and add in family members by toggling back and forth between interfaces. Best of all, I was able to perform all these functions using my iPhone, iPad, and computer. Believe the hype - Logikcull is the real deal!

Overall, the software is good. It is, at times, somewhat difficult to use. The major drawbacks the cost and the time it takes to review documents through the software.

Corey Richter
Lipson Neilson

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Start up time. You have a new case, and you a 12GB .pst from the primary custodian. You just want to take a quick look and see what communications with the other side reveal. Upload the file, let it process, and you have access to it immediately. No waiting on shipping or on anyone else to do the work.Sometimes slower performance, especially on large searches.Inexpensive review for small cases, control at the individual attorney level over the ability to review, what they review, when they review it. Quick insight into smaller data sets. Great search and tagging functionality.

Amy Sellars
Senior Litigation Counsel Williams Companies

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I’ve worked as a paralegal for 11 years, and in that time have prepared numerous paper and PDF document productions. The process has often been extremely cumbersome, and for jobs with thousands of pages, great care is needed to ensure client information is protected and productions are properly responsive.

Sara Kent
Paralegal CLG

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Easily upload large data files and assign custodiansNothing to speak with respect to disliking any aspect of the product.Nice to have a cloud based solution than can be accessed from anywhere.Legal investigations

We use Logikcull for document review and production. The features are very useful and streamline the process for us, saving us time and our clients money.

Stephanie Wilson
Berenzweig Leonard

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It’s great that you can filter docs swiftly by tags (and create tags yourself such as ’hot’ ’confidential’ ’NEPA’ docs) and sort them into folders (’we’ve been sorting by Agencies who provided the FOIA docs.) I’ve also never used a document reviewing tool before, but Logikcull strikes me as unique in that you can make a note corresponding to an individual document, and send that comment (and the doc itself) to a particular person’s email or set of emails. You are also able to use the ’search’ tool in Logikcull to search through said comments, which is a cool feature.

Priya Kamath
Litigation Assistant Earthjustice

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Logikcull has a modern interface that makes for a sleek workflow. Software is decently fast, unlike older ones that require a much longer time to load certain documents. Would be more helpful to have BATES numbers clearly stamped somewhere, hence the three stars for Ease of Use. Otherwise, great software.

Letitia Lee
Turner Boyd LLP

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This is a useful piece of software for keeping track of voluminous e-discovery documents. I am working on a case involving over 75,000 pages of documents now, and the tool is generally quite good at finding the documents I am looking for. The best thing about the software is its rapid customer service team, who responds to questions very quickly. Sometimes its search functionality can be a little unintuitive, but once you get trained, you will find yourself working pretty quickly.

Marie Logan

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We have been Logikcull customers for just over a year and our attorneys find it to be powerful yet easy to use. Minimal training is required and ongoing support is provided directly from Logikcull which is more efficient and effective than having our internal IT helpdesk provide support. The pricing model is predictable and easy to explain to clients which is quite different from traditional review tools. We are very satisfied.

David Michel
Director of Technology Broad and Cassel

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Seamless design, very efficient software. Great to use! Fantastic customer service!

Stephanie Chalhoub
William James

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