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What brings my team and I back to Logikcull is it’s support. They respond quickly, aren’t condescending (hugely helpful with non-tech savvy personnel) and know their stuff. Logikcull is constantly evolving, adding more features and really catering to it’s clientele. Great program, highly recommend.

Chy Eaton
Newman Du Wors LLP

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What brings my team and I back to Logikcull is it’s support. They respond quickly, aren’t condescending (hugely helpful with non-tech savvy personnel) and know their stuff. Logikcull is constantly evolving, adding more features and really catering to it’s clientele. Great program, highly recommend.

Chy Eaton
Paralegal Newman Du Wors LLP

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I have been keeping an eye on the development of Logikcull since its infancy. The development team has done a superb job over the years of responding in full force to customer needs and wishes. I currently work primarily with small to mid-size firms who have to do eDiscovery just like everyone else involved in litigation, but who do not often have the resources (human, technologies, etc.) that many large firms and organizations have. Logikcull so often fulfills those needs in an easy to use, effective, defensible manner. The reporting features are fantastic. Best of all? Hard to say, but predictable pricing is nearly non-existent with most other market offerings, so that is a huge bonus! Great work team - keep it up!

Sherry Harris
Consultant Sherry B. Harris

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This company is the most innovative in the field, and I have a feeling this only the tip of the iceberg. I am no longer spending countless hours wading through discovery. The time I’m saving makes clients happier with their bill and makes me happier by allowing me to focus on other parts of the practice. A 10,000 page document dump no longer means I have to shut down everything else to address it.

Lee Douglas C.

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Its ability to organize, search and sort through large volumes of digital information in an efficient manner, particularly with native format email, provides a solo practitioner or small firm with the ability to handle larger and more complex cases.

William Scherer, III

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The customer support staff is absolutely AMAZING! They were so patient and more than willing to take the time to walk me through my first experience creating a document production download, and are always so quick to respond to the many questions I ask.

Emily Flores
Litigation Paralegal Cheng Cohen LLC

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I find Logikcull extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. As a lawyer, I rely on the tool to review and organize documents. It has helped immensely in both those aspects!!

Brettny Hardy
Attorney Earthjustice

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Intuitive interface with wonderful organizing options. Search capability is impressive, as is the program’s overall value.

Sandy Greco
Altro Pharmaceuticals

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Logickull has been a solid product that is easy to use, but often is slow to load individual documents.

Allison Acker
Hunton & Williams

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This will be an invaluable tool for any small firm or practitioner because Logikcull handles it all from start to finish. The document upload process appeared seamless, and best of all, I was able to drag and drop files for quick upload - even from cloud services such as Box. Redacting and coding was a breeze - loved the ability to batch code documents and add in family members by toggling back and forth between interfaces. Best of all, I was able to perform all these functions using my iPhone, iPad, and computer. Believe the hype - Logikcull is the real deal!

Logikcull’s ability to scale down to small firms means that big firms are no longer the only players in the e-discovery game. This product can manage every corner of the e-discovery process, from case investigation, to document review, to document production in virtually any format that opposing counsel’s heart desires. It has redefined the market, and there is no longer a need to outsource e-discovery work to those who can afford high software overhead.

Tyler O'Halloran
Attorney Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle Townsend, P.C.

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Logikcull is a web-based document review program, designed for human reviewers to sift through documents (as opposed to the new wave that are extremely automated).

Joshua Stratton
Attorney Broad and Cassel

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User interface is very friendly and intuitive. Quick processing times for documents. Easy download of identified documents. Intuitive tagging. Fast and helpful customer service. No easy “undo” option if bulk documents culled or tagged incorrectly. Would like a function to see, for example, a users last 10 tasks and have the ability to undo if needed. But, customer support has been great for helping us the one or two times we’ve needed to fix something. Nothing else on the “dislike” list - it’s a great product.Try it - you will be shocked how much more efficient it is than the two or three standard doc review systems that most law firms have been using for years.

Easy to get started, intuitive interface, predictable subscription pricing. Drag and drop your electronic files into Logikcull and they’ll be processed and ready to review, usually the same day. Great for anyone that needs to be up and running quickly. Customer service is fantastic, they seek continuous feedback from users and roll out frequent upgrades in response. All in the cloud so no IT infrastructure or personnel necessary.

Maureen Brown
Co-Founder/Consultant eDiscovery Gurus, Inc.

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We recently had a case where we needed to conduct a privilege review of emails related to our client. Logikcull was the perfect choice for several reasons.

Chris Dix
Attorney Smith Hulsey & Busey

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Logikcull is one of the best e-discovery tools out there and highly recommended based on my experience.

Chad Main

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Logikcull excels at getting those who don’t have an established eDiscovery process up and running quickly. It’s not a hassle to get started (read: you don’t have to have 3 sit downs with your vendor first), and it’s easy to use. Most of my attorneys only needed a few minutes of explanation before they were off and running. The pricing is reasonable and predictable because there aren’t charges for every little thing.

Austen Bommarito
Director of IT Young Basile

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We just did our first ingestion into Logikcull. It’s as simple as it could possibly be - drag and drop! It took a little longer to ingest/process/analyze and post-process than I expected given what I THOUGHT I was ingesting’.that said, it expanded to more than 18GB, so I suppose in hindsight it made sense. I’m also very very impressed that Logikcull was able to de-duplicate so many documents that our other software missed (26% duplication)! Believe it or not, that data had already been de-duplicated!

Tanya Barbiero
Manager of Litigation Technology/Law Clerk Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

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Our firm uses Logikcull for our e-discovery matters, and the product is not only technically sounds and easy to use, the customer service provided is among the best we have encountered. Highly recommended on all fronts.

Ryen Rasmus
Associate Attorney Berenzweig Leonard, LLP

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Entirely cloud-based. Flexible and always improving. Good search and tagging functionality.Some of the functionality could be improved — more intelligent searches, more sophisticated de-duping, faster workflow on tagging.This has emerged as the best document management solution for us as a non-profit, due to combination of cost and functionality.We are a public interest law firm using Logikcull to review outgoing and incoming document productions, redact privileged documents, and generate document productions.

I found the loading process of native files to be very efficient, accurate and simple. I loaded over 30 gbs of data from one zip file overnight. When I came in the next morning, my documents were ready for review. I found the support staff to be extremely helpful and available at all times I needed assistance, seven days a week. The interface of the program is very intuitive and our review teams were able to review documents with little to no training. The document production method in the program is equally efficient and intuitive.

Nancy Murphy
Paralegal Thompson Coburn

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Logikcull is really intuitive and if I ever have a question about anything I quickly receive an answer via the chat function.

Meaghan Korbas
Paralegal Manion Gaynor & Manning

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I use it for smaller productions, and I really appreciate the ease of uploading documents and downloading productions.

Alicia Wilson
Senior Counsel/E-Discovery Counsel NYC Law Department

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If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive and easy to use review platform this is the one for you.

Taylor Bartlett
Heninger Garrison Davis

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Logikcull is extremely user-friendly and relatively easy to use — even for someone with little to no eDiscovery experience.

TJ Johnson
Legal Administrator Ungerman IP PLLC

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Very easy to use, loaded with features and they continue to add more every day, great support from Logik staff. HTML 5 based and can be access from any web browser unlike some products that require Internet Explorer few little. Larger documents with many pages can take several seconds to display in the preview window but nothing major to note here.Definitely worth giving a shot. Much cheaper and easier to use than any other product we tired before.We are able to be far more organized with the intake and production of E-Discovery.