Administrative features

Logikcull is an enterprise-wide solution built for multiple users and use-cases, but that scope and versatility doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice control. If you prefer, consolidate all accounts and projects under one owner with Multi-Account Control. Logikcull also provides robust reporting and permissions-based access, so administrators have full control over and visibility into their Logikcull accounts at all times. Predictable billing allows you to lock in your spend to the penny, and won’t keep you guessing.

  • Measure user performance and keep tabs on progress
  • Lock in your spend with predictable billing
  • Produce chain-of-custody and audit logs

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Screenshot Logikcull's Account Usage Dashboard

What our customers are saying

“We were tired of relying on third party eDiscovery vendors to manage and control almost every step of the electronic document discovery and management process. With Logikcull, we now have visibility into and control over the manner and timing of the data processing, review, tag creation, and production processing activities. It's a wonderful alternative to the traditional vendor model (and associated high cost) and gives us the flexibility we need to manage our cases and documents.”

Antigone Peyton

Antigone Peyton
Partner, Commercial and Business Litigation

Real-time Activity Logs

Logikcull records user activity as it happens so you can produce audit and chain-of-custody logs to see who did what within your account.

Multi-Account Control

Run separate Logikcull accounts under one owner, an ideal option for organizations with multiple use cases or offices.

Advanced Reporting

Produce custom reports showing you how many users are in your account, how many projects are active, where certain matters stand, and how much data you’ve consumed.

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