Instant Tagging

Flag documents with tags of your choosing so you can easily identify and share documents that are hot, privileged, or have other special value. Tags help you group documents and can be applied in bulk to reduce work. To retrieve documents that have already been tagged, simply click on the tag filter. You can also perform searches within a tagged group of documents. Documents with special “QC” tags -- such as those that have threads or duplicates -- are automatically flagged.

  • Easily retrieve documents with a click
  • Apply custom tags that fit your workflow and terminology
  • Automatically flag documents with duplicates, threads, embedded docs and more

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What our customers are saying

“I’ve found the platform useful for organizing and tagging documents for use with deposition of specific witnesses and for quickly retrieving specific documents through the word search function. Due to the ever increasing amount of digital information amassed by both businesses and individuals, a platform like Logikcull is as essential to a litigation practice as online legal research.”

William Scherer

William Scherer

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