Reviewing documents can be the most expensive, time-consuming and insecure part of litigation and investigations. Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence platform helps reveal what’s in your data quickly, so you can cut through the junk and dig into what matters. Logikcull is an all-in-one review platform for search, analysis, early case assessment and document review.

  • Auto-detect privileged materials
  • Review documents on any device from anywhere at any time
  • Build powerful, complex searches with ease

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What our customers are saying

“The software has a very approachable user interface with a clean, modern look and substantial power on the back end to handle eDiscovery projects. It is all browser based and works by providing search results in batches that can be filtered, coded and tagged, including by family structure. It works well even just doing simple searches, but once you learn more about how to find and manage the results, its power and ability to speed up projects can really shine.”

Tom Fitzgibbon

Tom FitzGibbon

Power Search

Filter through your entire data set in just a few clicks, or build complex queries with tags, metadata, keywords and more to pinpoint documents with laser specificity.

Bulk Cull

Select entire categories of documents en masse to assign a tag or remove them from your main search.

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Saved Searches

Save all your searches in one place and rerun them with a single click. We save your work product so you can return to it as needed.

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