Cloud security features

Where is your data right now? That’s not a trick question, but for many, it’s impossible to answer. Logikcull provides a secure, central repository with bank-level encryption where you can host all your complex search projects and most sensitive data. It is trusted by some of the largest (and most risk-averse) organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, major law firms, and the US Government.

  • Backed by AWS, the most trusted cloud provider in the world
  • Bank-level security encrypts data in transit and at rest
  • Permissions-based user roles let you control access

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Screenshot Logikcull's user-base permissions control

What experts say about cloud

“On-premise vendors use security as one of the boogiemen of cloud architecture. But if you look at computer models and security models for cloud architecture, cloud is far more powerful, far better, far more easier to use. And the inherent capabilities of the cloud-computing architecture provide a far more secure model than if you have a database that anybody can access.”

Esteban Kolsky

Esteban Kolsky
Principal & Founder

AWS Hosted

Logikcull is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a premier cloud infrastructure provider that is trusted by leading businesses and government agencies, including NASA and the CIA.

Encryption at Rest

Your data is encrypted at rest, a level of encryption very few businesses undertake, but which ensures data can’t be read by unauthorized parties, even if they were able to gain physical access to the data.

User-Based Permissions

User access is permissions-based, and includes user-level control for administrators, reviewers and basic users (i.e. “See, but not touch” users).

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