Throughout the course of e-discovery, data is exchanged many times with many parties, often insecurely. Sharing productions via physical media (i.e. hard drives, DVDs) or through insecure methods like unencyrpted email is common. ShareSafe from Logikcull has eliminated these risky exchanges entirely, ensuring end-to-end security through the duration of discovery.

  • Share productions through a secure, permissions-based link
  • Eliminate use of physical media (i.e. hard drives, DVDs) to share productions
  • Reduce the time to produce by up to 90%

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What our customers are saying

“I was asked to put together a production of email and native excel spreadsheets on a Friday afternoon, so I reached out to Logikcull for help. Not only was I able to get the job done, but the tool was so intuitive that I was halfway done with the production before I spoke to the person who was supposed to onboard me.”

Ray Biedermann

Ray Biedermann
COO, Proteus Discovery

Shared Downloads

Share productions with requesting parties through a secure Dropbox-style link.

Production Receipts

Get automatically notified when the intended recipient of your production accesses it.

Logikcull-2-Logikcull Link

Logikcull customers can automatically open production links within Logikcull.

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