You may know it as “collection” or “processing.” With Logikcull, it’s just “upload.” If you can drag files into a browser, you can organize, index and prepare your files for review in seconds. We’ve automated more than 3,000 crucial, but labor-intensive steps, such as virus scanning and OCRing, so you don’t miss anything.

  • Drag-and-drop efficiency cuts time-to-review from days to minutes
  • Automate essential processing steps vendors overlook
  • Get detailed processing reports revealing what’s in your data

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What our customers are saying

“The user interface is the most intuitive I have encountered; and new features are added regularly based on user feedback. Accessibility from all of my devices and browsers is a huge plus that makes the product really stand out. I love using it.”

Joe Beavers

Joseph Beavers

Cloud Uploads

Easily pull cloud-based data into Logikcull from Box.com and other repositories. Simply select your service and go.

Database Uploads

Seamlessly import Relativity, Concordance, and Summation databases with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Metadata Preservation

Logikcull automatically captures metadata, preserving the integrity of your files and giving you more visibility into it.

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