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I have found Logikcull quite easy to use. Their customer support is top notch. Every time I have a question they are very quick to respond and then they follow up to make sure my issue was resolved.

Thea Wagner
Executive Assistant/Office Manager,
Singularity LLP

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Logikcull is a competitor to Concordance, Relativity, and other e-discovery platforms. It has the added feature that you don’t need to pay a vendor to load documents up into the database; which is great for saving money for your clients.

Erik Dykema
Upshaw PLLC

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I have found Logikcull quite easy to use. Their customer support is top notch. Every time I have a question they are very quick to respond and then they follow up to make sure my issue was resolved.

Thea Wagner
Executive Assistant/Office Manager Singularity LLP

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Easy to use product from beginning to end. Ingest data quickly, assign users quickly, get users through data, quickly, get productions out the door quickly... The product works as promised & si fast, did I mention fast?Not so much a knock on the product, but just getting adjusted to a review model which doesn’t use a grid view or metadata sort.Just do it. You won’t regret it.Review documents quickly & within litigation budget

Logickull has been a solid product that is easy to use, but often is slow to load individual documents.

Allison Acker
Hunton & Williams

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We are happy and satisfied Logikcull customers because Logikcull is so easy to use, especially compared to other e-discovery offerings. As the person responsible for the firm’s technology (and that budget) the value Logikcull brings is immense and appreciated as we’re now able to handle large discovery without project management fees, user & setup fees, and without having to store reams of client data on file shares on my network.

David Michel
Broad and Cassel

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I would recommend using this program. To have the documents OCR’d and to be able to do a search with to and from emails is a huge help. The customer service from the sales to the tech people are amazing. They are very helpful and they keep in contact with you after you purchase the product to see how you are doing and if you have any questions. It’s one of the best customer services we have had in a long time. The only thing the system is not able to do is separate an attachment from an email, which we have to do manually. All in all, we would highly recommend Logikcull.

Robyn Campbell
Office Manager Garman Turner Gordon

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The search function is very intuitive and OCR is pretty accurateNot being able to do downloads with certain types of doc endorsements more efficient doc review and production process

I can’t say enough good things about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required that we buy expensive equipment and hire a consultant to assist. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.

Katie Lynch
Legal Support Manager Veolia Support Services North America LLC

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The program allows us to manage high-volume litigation projects. You can OCR in the program, and easily find things.

Katie Lipp
Berenzweig Leonard, LLP

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Easily upload large data files and assign custodiansNothing to speak with respect to disliking any aspect of the product.Nice to have a cloud based solution than can be accessed from anywhere.Legal investigations

While this application has been written for legal document discovery production processing, this program can be applied to any industry or office that has a large number of documents that need to be de-duplicated, OCRd, organized, and then downloaded.

Richard Kelly
Associate Professor University of California

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Logikcull is extremely user-friendly in all aspects of the product. Their team is also very good at quickly transforming customer feedback into new features. Support is top-notch.Page loads are sometimes slower than we would like.Logikcull’s processing, search, and review functions mean we are not paying for those services, even in large cases. Its simple interface means less time training, and higher adoption by users. The fact that it is cloud means we are not burdening our IT department with upgrades and maintenance.

Fred Smalkin, Jr.

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This will be an invaluable tool for any small firm or practitioner because Logikcull handles it all from start to finish. The document upload process appeared seamless, and best of all, I was able to drag and drop files for quick upload - even from cloud services such as Box. Redacting and coding was a breeze - loved the ability to batch code documents and add in family members by toggling back and forth between interfaces. Best of all, I was able to perform all these functions using my iPhone, iPad, and computer. Believe the hype - Logikcull is the real deal!

It’s all cloud based and the design folks are constantly revising and upgrading the site to optimize the user experience. They’re never satisfied and they view customer input as a challenge to make their product better. Logikcull is hands down the best litigation software I have used and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a document management solution.

Tyler O'Halloran

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Even with no prior experience with eDiscovery, I managed to comb through over 84000 pages of documents in under two weeks, while working full time. I can only imagine how useful this would be to an attorney just getting started with eDiscovery. Thanks, Matt. And thanks, Logickull! I literally could not have done this without you. Definitely not for such an affordable rate.

Simon Orr
Office Specialist 2 Pro Se Litigant

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Logikcull has been user friendly and very easy to learn, it has made my processing faster. It has made training others easy as well. The clients like using the product and that has taken some of the burden off of me.

Donna Christian
Litigation Support Analyst Cognicion

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I have been keeping an eye on the development of Logikcull since its infancy. The development team has done a superb job over the years of responding in full force to customer needs and wishes. I currently work primarily with small to mid-size firms who have to do eDiscovery just like everyone else involved in litigation, but who do not often have the resources (human, technologies, etc.) that many large firms and organizations have. Logikcull so often fulfills those needs in an easy to use, effective, defensible manner. The reporting features are fantastic. Best of all? Hard to say, but predictable pricing is nearly non-existent with most other market offerings, so that is a huge bonus! Great work team - keep it up!

Sherry Harris
Consultant Sherry B. Harris

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Easy to get started, intuitive interface, predictable subscription pricing. Drag and drop your electronic files into Logikcull and they’ll be processed and ready to review, usually the same day. Great for anyone that needs to be up and running quickly. Customer service is fantastic, they seek continuous feedback from users and roll out frequent upgrades in response. All in the cloud so no IT infrastructure or personnel necessary.

Maureen Brown
Co-Founder/Consultant eDiscovery Gurus, Inc.

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I found the loading process of native files to be very efficient, accurate and simple. I loaded over 30 gbs of data from one zip file overnight. When I came in the next morning, my documents were ready for review. I found the support staff to be extremely helpful and available at all times I needed assistance, seven days a week. The interface of the program is very intuitive and our review teams were able to review documents with little to no training. The document production method in the program is equally efficient and intuitive.

Nancy Murphy
Paralegal Thompson Coburn

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We are now able to help out attorneys get documents to review much faster than before on our own local platform or even when we used other 3rd party vendors. The same holds tree for productions.

I was able to get up to speed on this new platform quickly and I love the improved features over my firm’s prior document review program.

Veronica Jackson
Miles & Stockbridge

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My team at a prior firm had the opportunity to use Logikcull for information governance projects. Using it for the collection and data transfers associated with lawyer mobility brought tremendous efficiencies to a tedious, labor-intensive process. We were able to reduce the amount of staff time required to manually review and extract specific types of files and data, and reduced the amount of time required by attorneys to conduct a final review.

Leigh Isaacs
Director, Records & Information Governance White & Case LLP

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Logikcull is an excellent product. Easy to use, functional, and great value. We have used it for several large document reviews and productions and are very pleased.

Samantha Everett
Attorney Newman Du Wors LLP

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This is a useful piece of software for keeping track of voluminous e-discovery documents. I am working on a case involving over 75,000 pages of documents now, and the tool is generally quite good at finding the documents I am looking for. The best thing about the software is its rapid customer service team, who responds to questions very quickly. Sometimes its search functionality can be a little unintuitive, but once you get trained, you will find yourself working pretty quickly.

Marie Logan

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We are a firm of 6 attorneys, and in retrospect, our ediscovery practices were primitive, and clearly not as professional, prior to us starting to use Logikcull.

Karl Kronenberger
Partner Kronenberger Rosenfeld LLP

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