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I have been using Logikcull for over 2 years now. I appreciate the fact that when there is a glitch in the program it gets addressed by the engineers and they resolve the problem. I also like the continuing improvements that come out periodically.

Karen Mallios
Litigation Paralegal,
Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend

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I have been using Logikcull for over 2 years now. I appreciate the fact that when there is a glitch in the program it gets addressed by the engineers and they resolve the problem. I also like the continuing improvements that come out periodically.

Karen Mallios
Litigation Paralegal Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend

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The Logikcull system continues to evolve and fascinate on how awesomely SMART it is. As an end user it helps you become expert rather quickly, on what can be often be a dry and gruelingly task.

Frances Lennane
Legal Assistant Schoeppl & Burke, P.A.

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Very easy to use, loaded with features and they continue to add more every day, great support from Logik staff. HTML 5 based and can be access from any web browser unlike some products that require Internet Explorer few little. Larger documents with many pages can take several seconds to display in the preview window but nothing major to note here.Definitely worth giving a shot. Much cheaper and easier to use than any other product we tired before.We are able to be far more organized with the intake and production of E-Discovery.

I’m still learning how to use this tool, so I don’ t feel like I have an expert level opinion just yet. What I have used this for is organizing some small scale document productions.

Ben Roman
Paralegal Fisher Phillips

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The search function is very intuitive and OCR is pretty accurateNot being able to do downloads with certain types of doc endorsements more efficient doc review and production process

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive and easy to use review platform this is the one for you.

Taylor Bartlett
Heninger Garrison Davis

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Having outsourced our e-discovery needs before and getting saddled with prohibitively expensive monthly bills for half the functionality and ease of use that Logikcull offers, we are thrilled with our entire experience. Our platform of choice, Logikcull, has all the features of the software favored by those third party vendors, but also without requiring the IT overhead of dedicated servers, assistance with things like load file compatibility, and delays executing on basic litigation tasks like bates numbering a set of documents.

Logikcull allows for quick review of both pre-processed and native files. Attorneys appreciate the simplicity of the application to review, tag and find the key documents. For litigation support professionals the ease of use of loading any type of data is wonderful. The simple approach for pricing is also very appealing. Truly an innovative program.

Tim Thames
Legal Technology Manager Richard A. Harpootlian, PA

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Our firm uses Logikcull for our e-discovery matters, and the product is not only technically sounds and easy to use, the customer service provided is among the best we have encountered. Highly recommended on all fronts.

Ryen Rasmus
Associate Attorney Berenzweig Leonard, LLP

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While this application has been written for legal document discovery production processing, this program can be applied to any industry or office that has a large number of documents that need to be de-duplicated, OCRd, organized, and then downloaded.

Richard Kelly
Associate Professor University of California

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Helps you find the critical data you desire and separate what you don’t. Simple and easy to use with second to none customer support, I really mean it. If you ever run into any problems, I recommend asking for Jury Joves. I never seen someone care for what I need more than I do and he does everything he can to help or fix an issue. I have no complaints.

Will B
Corporate Legal Manager AIOT

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The Logikcull tool is highly user intuitive for most tasks. Our firm’s attorneys find it easy to begin a review. Our lit support staff finds it super easy to set up a project and upload data. In fact, during our pilot of the project, I turned a few of our (admittedly more technically “aware”) attorneys loose in a project with no training at all. They figured out how to tag, download selected docs, and even upload a new doc set on their own.

Jennifer Williams
Director of Practice Support Vinson & Elkins

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Pros Extremely easy process of loading files and getting the data ready for review in record times. Excellent ECA and bulk tagging capabilities. Great collaboration tools built into the program to allow for seamleess group review. Excellent Customer Service response with fixes or workarounds as various issues come up.

Rommel Maxwell
IT Supervisor Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

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We have been Logikcull customers for just over a year and our attorneys find it to be powerful yet easy to use. Minimal training is required and ongoing support is provided directly from Logikcull which is more efficient and effective than having our internal IT helpdesk provide support. The pricing model is predictable and easy to explain to clients which is quite different from traditional review tools. We are very satisfied.

David Michel
Director of Technology Broad and Cassel

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It’s great that you can filter docs swiftly by tags (and create tags yourself such as ’hot’ ’confidential’ ’NEPA’ docs) and sort them into folders (’we’ve been sorting by Agencies who provided the FOIA docs.) I’ve also never used a document reviewing tool before, but Logikcull strikes me as unique in that you can make a note corresponding to an individual document, and send that comment (and the doc itself) to a particular person’s email or set of emails. You are also able to use the ’search’ tool in Logikcull to search through said comments, which is a cool feature.

Priya Kamath
Litigation Assistant Earthjustice

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Logikcull stands head and shoulders above its competition as it is the only e-discovery software company to offer a free account for users to experience its product. It is very simple to use and is constantly being improved and upgraded to match the needs of the marketplace. Its principles are constantly seeking input from users to approve their experience with the software.

David Steinfeld
Owner Law Office of David Steinfeld

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Very fast and easy to use product. Long term costs and the lack of analytics keep it from being ideal.

Jeffrey Kirksey
Directory of Business Technology Sutherland

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highly responsive client service-oriented team, from management to DEV

Jenifer Melby
Director of eDiscovery & Litigation Support Bowman and Brooke LLP

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This platform is fantastic for users at all levels of sophistication concerning e-discovery. The best part for me is that the customer service and tech support is amazing. They are always there to answer questions and to find a solution. Also, you can’t beat the price. This puts an end to the cost nightmare that is e-discovery!

Cynthia Augello
Partner Cullen and Dykman LLP

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Intuitive interface with wonderful organizing options. Search capability is impressive, as is the program’s overall value.

Sandy Greco
Altro Pharmaceuticals

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Logikcull is intuitive, functional, and frankly amazing in its capabilities to sort and manage discovery documents.There is nothing to dislike about Logikcull.Logikcull has streamlined my firm’s document management system, basically replacing the previous system. Most importantly, Logikcull saves my clients enormous amounts of money and saves my firm tons of time and resources.

Logickull has been a solid product that is easy to use, but often is slow to load individual documents.

Allison Acker
Hunton & Williams

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Easy to get started, intuitive interface, predictable subscription pricing. Drag and drop your electronic files into Logikcull and they’ll be processed and ready to review, usually the same day. Great for anyone that needs to be up and running quickly. Customer service is fantastic, they seek continuous feedback from users and roll out frequent upgrades in response. All in the cloud so no IT infrastructure or personnel necessary.

Maureen Brown
Co-Founder/Consultant eDiscovery Gurus, Inc.

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The user interface is the most intuitive I have encountered; and new features seem to be added regularly based on user feedback. Accessibility from all of my devices, browsers, etc. is a huge plus that makes the product really stand out. Love using it.

Joe Beavers
Principal Miles & Stockbridge

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Easy to get started with a predictable pricing structure. We needed a quick and easy way to perform document review for eDiscovery cases. Our previous process was not as refined as it is now with Logikcull. The time attorneys now spend on review has dropped drastically.