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What brings my team and I back to Logikcull is it’s support. They respond quickly, aren’t condescending (hugely helpful with non-tech savvy personnel) and know their stuff. Logikcull is constantly evolving, adding more features and really catering to it’s clientele. Great program, highly recommend.

Chy Eaton
Newman Du Wors LLP

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What brings my team and I back to Logikcull is it’s support. They respond quickly, aren’t condescending (hugely helpful with non-tech savvy personnel) and know their stuff. Logikcull is constantly evolving, adding more features and really catering to it’s clientele. Great program, highly recommend.

Chy Eaton
Paralegal Newman Du Wors LLP

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Seamless design, very efficient software. Great to use! Fantastic customer service!

Stephanie Chalhoub
William James

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The user interface is the most intuitive I have encountered; and new features seem to be added regularly based on user feedback. Accessibility from all of my devices, browsers, etc. is a huge plus that makes the product really stand out. Love using it.

Joe Beavers
Principal Miles & Stockbridge

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Great product and fantastic tech/training support

Jason Foltin
Baltimore City Law Department

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The search function is very intuitive and OCR is pretty accurateNot being able to do downloads with certain types of doc endorsements more efficient doc review and production process

Having outsourced our e-discovery needs before and getting saddled with prohibitively expensive monthly bills for half the functionality and ease of use that Logikcull offers, we are thrilled with our entire experience.

Kristin Fischer
Villarreal Hutner PC

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Logikcull is extremely user-friendly in all aspects of the product. Their team is also very good at quickly transforming customer feedback into new features. Support is top-notch.Page loads are sometimes slower than we would like.Logikcull’s processing, search, and review functions mean we are not paying for those services, even in large cases. Its simple interface means less time training, and higher adoption by users. The fact that it is cloud means we are not burdening our IT department with upgrades and maintenance.

Fred Smalkin, Jr.

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I first learned of Logikcull when I read something on-line from their CEO to the effect that electronic discovery was an enormous waste of time and money. I contacted them and said that I completely concurred. They asked if I would do a webpost interview on the subject, which I did. You can hear it here: I dislike nothing about.

We were tired of relying on third party e-discovery vendors to manage and control almost ever step of the electronic document discovery and management process. With Logikcull, we now have visibility into and control over the manner and timing of the data processing, review, tag creation, and production processing activities. It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional vendor model (and associated high cost) and gives us the flexibility we need to manage our cases and documents. And the support team is very responsive.

Antigone Peyton
Cloudigy Law PLLC

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You will need some time to learn the software, but the staffs are very helpful! It’s a user friendly program, very easy to navigate between documents and easy to make comments or marks.


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It’s great that you can filter docs swiftly by tags (and create tags yourself such as ’hot’ ’confidential’ ’NEPA’ docs) and sort them into folders (’we’ve been sorting by Agencies who provided the FOIA docs.) I’ve also never used a document reviewing tool before, but Logikcull strikes me as unique in that you can make a note corresponding to an individual document, and send that comment (and the doc itself) to a particular person’s email or set of emails. You are also able to use the ’search’ tool in Logikcull to search through said comments, which is a cool feature.

Priya Kamath
Litigation Assistant Earthjustice

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Easy to get started, intuitive interface, predictable subscription pricing. Drag and drop your electronic files into Logikcull and they’ll be processed and ready to review, usually the same day. Great for anyone that needs to be up and running quickly. Customer service is fantastic, they seek continuous feedback from users and roll out frequent upgrades in response. All in the cloud so no IT infrastructure or personnel necessary.

Maureen Brown
Co-Founder/Consultant eDiscovery Gurus, Inc.

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Ease of import for quick look. Export small productionsInability to change custodian name, delete certain imports or documentsWillingness of attorneys to use Logikcull = benefits clients

Bethanie Bexar

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Logickull has been a solid product that is easy to use, but often is slow to load individual documents.

Allison Acker
Hunton & Williams

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Helps you find the critical data you desire and separate what you don’t. Simple and easy to use with second to none customer support, I really mean it. If you ever run into any problems, I recommend asking for Jury Joves. I never seen someone care for what I need more than I do and he does everything he can to help or fix an issue. I have no complaints.

Will B
Corporate Legal Manager AIOT

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I can’t say enough good things about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required that we buy expensive equipment and hire a consultant to assist. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.

Katie Lynch
Legal Support Manager Veolia Support Services North America LLC

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This is a useful piece of software for keeping track of voluminous e-discovery documents. I am working on a case involving over 75,000 pages of documents now, and the tool is generally quite good at finding the documents I am looking for. The best thing about the software is its rapid customer service team, who responds to questions very quickly. Sometimes its search functionality can be a little unintuitive, but once you get trained, you will find yourself working pretty quickly.

Marie Logan

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Once you figure it out, Logikcull is easy to use; a powerful tool for both review and production of documents in litigation. And if you can’t figure it out, don’t worry; the support staff is extremely helpful and responsive.

Frank Gulino
Attorney Berenzweig Leonard LLP

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Logikcull has a modern interface that makes for a sleek workflow. Software is decently fast, unlike older ones that require a much longer time to load certain documents. Would be more helpful to have BATES numbers clearly stamped somewhere, hence the three stars for Ease of Use. Otherwise, great software.

Letitia Lee
Turner Boyd LLP

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Logikcull is intuitive, functional, and frankly amazing in its capabilities to sort and manage discovery documents.There is nothing to dislike about Logikcull.Logikcull has streamlined my firm’s document management system, basically replacing the previous system. Most importantly, Logikcull saves my clients enormous amounts of money and saves my firm tons of time and resources.

Logikcull is the most intuitive e-discovery platform I have ever used or trained others to use. Because it can be accessed online, our document review team can readily retrieve and review documents anywhere, while I can see what they see and answer questions on the fly with nothing more than a smartphone. While Logikcull may lack all the other bells and whistles of its larger competitors, it is a very competitive alternative that is sufficiently robust to satisfy ESI processing, search, review, and production needs in the vast majority of cases.

J. Matthew Linehan
E-Discovery Attorney Ulmer & Berne, LLP

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highly responsive client service-oriented team, from management to DEV

Jenifer Melby
Director of eDiscovery & Litigation Support Bowman and Brooke LLP

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Logikcull is a competitor to Concordance, Relativity, and other e-discovery platforms. It has the added feature that you don’t need to pay a vendor to load documents up into the database; which is great for saving money for your clients.

Erik Dykema
Upshaw PLLC

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Their upload and culling is fast and easy. The software makes the data very malleable. Logikcull reacts to the needs of the market and the needs of its users. As a Florida Bar Board Certified expert in business litigation, I routinely deal with electronic discovery issues in lawsuits. I turn to Logikcull to assist me in handling those efficiently and effectively. Logikcull has allowed my practice to offer a superior service in representing businesses and business people at a more competitive price as it makes handling of data more efficient.

David Steinfeld

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Logikcull stands head and shoulders above its competition as it is the only e-discovery software company to offer a free account for users to experience its product. It is very simple to use and is constantly being improved and upgraded to match the needs of the marketplace. Its principles are constantly seeking input from users to approve their experience with the software.

David Steinfeld
Owner Law Office of David Steinfeld

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