Security is our top priority.

At Logikcull, our vision is to provide a unified legal intelligence platform from which all legal intelligence flows. Keeping our customers' data secure is foundational to this vision. Our number one goal is to ensure every customer is successful, and that all begins with secure data. That's why we've spent years developing a unique approach to discovery and data exchange that removes much of the risk inherent to those processes.

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Antigone Peyton

“With Logikcull, we now have visibility into and control over the manner and timing of the data processing, review, tag creation, and production processing activities. It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional vendor model.”

Antigone Peyton, Founder, Cloudigy Law

The Logikcull Difference

Among the greatest risks in modern litigation and dispute resolution involves the transfer of data between and among parties, where information is passed from client to counsel, to counsel to vendors, and, ultimately, across party lines to adversaries.

It is common practice for this transfer to occur over insecure channels, such as unencrypted email systems, file transfer tools, physical media, and the like, where data is potentially exposed to loss, theft or other factors that undermine its integrity. Additional risk is created when data and documents are copied for the purposes of sharing. As the incidence of data breach and hacking continues to rise, and cybercriminals scour law firms and their clients for sensitive information, these vulnerabilities become more acute.

Logikcull 'closes the loop'

Logikcull eliminates the risk inherent to discovery by providing one central discovery hub where all data is securely hosted and all channels in and out of the database are secure. Uploads and downloads to and from Logikcull are secured with industry-leading TLS encryption. And Logikcull takes the additional step of encrypting all data while it is "at rest," a level of security few of our competitors employ.

Logikcull's Share Safe feature, which allows opposing parties to download productions directly from the platform, provides a secure method for transferring information between parties -- among the processes most fraught with risk.

Finally, Logikcull's unique, automated approach to discovery, which renders down thousands of processing steps that are usually performed manually to three, "drag → drop → done", reduces the number of times data must be "touched." For customers, this results in process standardization that reduces the risk arising from handling data unnecessarily.

Discovery hub diagram. Your business feeding data into Logikcull on the left, and law firms feeding data into Logikcull from the right

Security Program

Logikcull employs information security professionals whose job it is to ensure that the company’s security-related policies and procedures remain current, accurate, and enforced. This includes training for all Logikcull employees and regular auditing for staff compliance.



Logikcull's services are cloud-based, with data hosted in highly secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. Logikcull leverages secure AWS datacenters within the United States. AWS puts strong security measures in place to help protect customer privacy and data. Security scales with AWS cloud usage, meaning that, no matter the amount of data that is uploaded to Logikcull, the AWS infrastructure is designed to keep it safe. For more information, visit

Incident Response Plan

Logikcull has and maintains an incident response procedure to handle and respond to security incidents. The incidence response procedure includes:

  • Workforce Response
  • Breach Response Team
  • Breach Assessment
  • Breach Response
  • Breach Notification
  • Improvements

Patch Management

Logikcull systems, such as web applications and processing engines, are updated on a monthly patching cycle. Critical issues may be accelerated.

Malware Detection

Malware detection

Data uploaded to Logikcull is scanned at the file level during the processing pipeline with virus/malware signatures that are updated daily. Identified malicious files are reported at the time of processing and are quarantined to avoid unintentional retrieval or production.

Service Levels

Logikcull's value is predicated on speed and efficiency.

  • 90% of customer uploads complete within 90 mins
  • Detailed processing reports with error exceptions are available immediately upon completion of the upload.
  • System status reports are available 24/7 at

See status of

Data Storage

All customer data is encrypted at rest for both databases and files with AES-256 encryption in order to prevent unauthorized access to ePHI and other sensitive data. Additional security measures include:

  • Amazon S3 data storage includes multi datacenter redundancy and high availability.
  • Volume encryption is used during data processing, database storage, and backups.
  • Automatic backups are taken daily and stored encrypted in AWS.

Data Transfer

Data transfer

Secure data transmission controls have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access or modification of sensitive data. In addition:

  • All data in transit between the customer and Logikcull is encrypted with industry leading TLS encryption.
  • Logikcull is scanned by third-party TLS inspectors, scanning for certificates, encryption algorithms, and SSL/TLS configuration.

Authentication and Authorization


Logikcull is accessed on a permissions-controlled basis so that only authorized users can see your data. Specifically,

  • Strong authentication is configured with complexity requirements and automatic account locking after 5 failed attempts.
  • Customers control access to their own accounts, and may invite users and modify or revoke permissions to meet their own internal requirements.
  • Customers may invite Logikcull support to participate in their account for support purposes.
  • Customer uploaded data is accessed only to provide the service, to resolve processing and production exceptions, and to provide customer support upon request.

Security Audits

Logikcull conducts regular security audits and testing, including annual application security reviews and penetration testing by a qualified third party.



Logikcull's policies and standards comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA Business Associate Agreements may be signed if desired. Logikcull's Security Team also conducts ongoing reviews on records of information system activity such as audit logs, access reports, and any security incident reports including associated records.

Ongoing Improvements

Security and compliance best practices are constantly evolving. Logikcull is dedicated to making ongoing improvements to technical and procedural security controls to meet and surpass industry standards. To this end, the Logikcull Security Team meets weekly to discuss emerging issues, address progress of ongoing security projects, discuss tracked risk management items, and further develop policies, standards, controls, and procedures to maintain and enhance the security of Logikcull and stored customer data.


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System Status

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