If an opposing party challenges the quality of a search or production, do you have the ironclad record to back up your efforts? Logikcull is that system of record, capturing your every move within the app with real-time activity logs and robust reporting. It’s the insurance you don’t always need, but will be thankful to have when you do.

  • Track in-app activity with real-time logs
  • Show due diligence with robust reporting
  • Keep tabs on user performance and work product

What our customers are saying

“We were tired of relying on third party eDiscovery vendors to manage and control almost every step of the electronic document discovery and management process. With Logikcull, we now have visibility into and control over the manner and timing of the data processing, review, tag creation, and production processing activities.”

Antigone Peyton

Antigone Peyton
Founder & CEO

Document-Level Activity Tracking

User activity, like document tagging and notations, is automatically recorded at the file level, so you can keep track of your efforts and assure high quality work product.

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Screenshot of Logikcull's audit feature, including an activity feed on each document.

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Collaborate with other users with Facebook-like ease to compare notes, share records, and prevent duplicating efforts.

Cull/Uncull Views

Did you remove files from your collection accidentally, or just want to QC files tagged as unresponsive? Just toggle between views to work on your active and culled data.

Collaborative Notes

Create notes at the document level for quick reference, to share with colleagues, or to include in productions for privilege logs.

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