Responding to government or third-party subpoenas can be extremely expensive and disruptive to business. Logikcull allows you to easily upload documents for review so you can identify responsive documents quickly and get them out the door, which is why it is the choice of many heavily regulated Fortune 500 companies.

  • Reduce time and cost of production by more than 75%
  • Upload documents for review, from anywhere, to one central repository
  • Identify relevant documents instantly with Culling Intelligence

What our customers are saying

“I can do in Logikcull in minutes what used to literally take me days.”

Dawn Irvin

Dawn Irvin
Litigation Paralegal

Bulk Tagging

Apply tags to all documents and files that meet certain criteria so you can easily determine what needs to be removed from your data set, and what should be reviewed. Tagging makes it possible to separate high-value documents from junk in seconds -- and saves you thousands.

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Screenshot of a custom download template being created in Logikcull.

One-click productions

Produce documents and information in the format it’s requested -- any format -- instantly with customizable production templates and one-click downloads. Convert documents to PDFs, TIFFs or other image files, or produce natively. Applying Bates numbering and your company’s indicia takes seconds.

Drag-and-drop uploads

To get documents and other files into Logikcull, just drag and drop them into your browser. We automatically prepare them for review, organizing each file and preserving the metadata so that you can quickly assess, analyze and select the documents you need to produce.

Culling Intelligence

Automatically flag privileged and confidential documents, and hone in quickly on responsive information with our Power Search engine and intuitive filter carousel. We alert you if you’ve included “hot” documents in your production set.

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