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Trusted by the world’s largest (and smallest) law firms, corporations & governments

“I find Logikcull extremely useful, it really levels the playing field.”

Bill SchererFounding Partner
The Scherer Law Firm

“I have used numerous other review tools before and hands down, creating an export production in Logikcull is by far the easiest, least time consuming, and trouble free experience I have had.”

David AbellSierra Club

“Logikcull gives our tiny firm leverage to do big firm work. It helps us reliably predict our electronic discovery and investigative costs; and it’s incredibly easy to use.”

Michael Winget-HernandezPartner
Winget-Hernandez, P.C.

“A modern cloud technology like Logikcull makes it easier to stay ahead of the complexity curve when it comes to newer discovery challenges.”

Tom CroweDirector of IT
Turner Padget Graham & Laney, PA

“No software needed. No hardware needed. No outside vendors or processing needed. Everything eDiscovery is just done for us automatically in an easy to use interface that we can access from anywhere. That’s Logikcull and we love it!”

Amy EmersonAttorney at Law
Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, P.C.

“It took a total of 50 minutes to do what would’ve taken us weeks of time. Wow. Logikcull is an OUTSTANDING user experience.”

Kyle StannertAssistant Director
City Clerk’s Office at City of Bellevue

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Packed Full of Benefits with Great Features

In Logikcull, you get hundreds of features expertly organized to not overwhelm you. Each feature packs a different benefit.

Effortless Uploading

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Have some email and office files you need to get up for review asap? Simply drag-and-drop your files into Logikcull and in no-time they’ll be ready for review. It’s like magic.

Automated Searching

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Want to find all of the potentially privileged emails & attachments in a single click? You can do that in Logikcull, because the search for potentially privileged is already built.

Powerful Productions

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Need to make a production to a requesting party in the same day? Logikcull’s powerful production features make same-day productions a reality. Produce in minutes, not days.

Upload your discovery in a single click

Easily & quickly get your discovery data (e.g. Office documents, emails & cloud data) uploaded for search and analysis.

With Logikcull, you can easily & quickly get your discovery data (e.g. Office documents, emails, & cloud data) uploaded for search and analysis. Simply drag and drop your files (or connect to a cloud service, like and Logikcull will take care of the rest and email you when it’s ready. It’s 100% automated and secure. And just like your banking website, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest for peace of mind.

Document metadata, text, and attachments are preserved & searchable.

Images are automatically OCR'd (with Abbyy).

De-duplication & de-nisting are automatically done.

All documents are rendered to PDF for instant review and production.

Find relevance & irrelevance, faster, from anywhere

Mac, PC, tablet, mobile and even your smartwatch.

With Logikcull, you can access your discovery database from anywhere, and on any device (Mac, PC, tablet, phone, and yes, even your smartwatch). And you don’t need to install any plugins. Just log in and get your work done, wherever. But it gets better. Once logged in, you can use Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence engine to instantly find relevant and non-relevant documents in just a few clicks. It’s like shopping for documents and couldn’t be any easier.

Make your production database in record time

Producing documents doesn’t have to be so hard and time consuming. Not anymore. With Logikcull, you can build your production database in just a few clicks from your desktop, tablet, or phone. Since all of your documents are pre-rendered and ready to export, your productions will complete in record time; sometimes in seconds. And Logikcull will email you once the production is ready to download.

Produce in TIFF or PDF with or without endorsements (and all productions are FREE).

Automatically flatten and OCR redacted documents to avoid producing non-redacted text.

Include native files for all document types or just selected ones (i.e. XLS & PPT).

Create and save unlimited production templates (i.e. DOJ, SEC, etc.) to save time.

Made possible by our Culling Intelligence engine

The automation and simplicity of using Logikcull is made possible by our Culling Intelligence engine. This unique technology was built over the course of five years by a team of seasoned legal technology software engineers and designers. With Culling Intelligence from Logikcull you’ll be able to understand much more about your data without the need for blind keyword searches or complex reports. Culling Intelligence makes e-discovery easy, and intuitive for anyone.

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Simple Pricing

With Logikcull, you’ll never need to buy more servers & hard drives: It’s virtually unlimited. You’ll never need to install any software: Logikcull is 100% cloud. You’ll never need to wait on IT: It’s 100% automated.

Small Starter Advanced Enterprise
$1995/month $1596/month $3995/month $3196/month $7995/month $6396/month Call Us
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Matters 4 10 25 Custom
GBPooled 200GB 600K Docs 6M Pages 500GB 1.5M Docs 15M Pages 1,250GB 3.75M Docs 38M Pages CustomGB


Included Free

Each matter includes up to 50GB of free processing and hosting

(based on upload size, eg. a 10GB ZIP of email = 10GB)

Pay $30/GB uploaded/month for anything over the 50GB.


With an annual license

Buy an annual license and pool your 50GB/matter together for massive savings

Need more matters? No problem! You can add additional matters for $500/matter per-month, upgrade to a package with more matters, or talk to sales about an Enterprise license.

The GB size is based on the upload size, e.g. a 10GB ZIP of email = 10GB

Pay $30/GB uploaded/month for anything over your pooled amount.

Absolutely No Hidden Fees

Includes full processing and productions.

You can easily bill-back Logikcull to a client matter or case code

At the beginning of every month you’ll get a detailed Logikcull invoice (click here to see a sample invoice) showing you each matter along with the total data uploaded into each matter.

Pricing FAQs

How does the matter pricing work exactly?

Using the Small plan as an example, you can create up to 4 matters before you are charged for additional matters. Example:

Month 1 = 2 matters created (2 left in plan)
Month 2 = 0 matters created (2 left in plan)
Month 3 = 2 matters created (0 left in plan)
Month 4 = 4 matters created (+4 over plan at $500/matter/month)

Total matters hosted = 8.

At this point it might make sense to upgrade from Small to Starter, because your monthly subscription, with the overage, is $3995 vs Starter at $3995 (which comes with 10 matters, so you'd have 2 extra before going over). You can also delete 4 of the matters, and on the following month your subscription will go back to $1995/month.

What’s the cost for users/seats?

Nothing. You get unlimited users. Be our guest, invite everyone you need to get your work done: associates, partners, vendors, paralegals, clients, etc. Best of all? You only need to invite them once, because in Logikcull it’s one username/one password, just like Gmail or Facebook or LinkedIn. Once in, you can easily share other matters with them and control their permission levels.

What’s the cost for data storage once I upload?

Most likely, nothing. You can upload up to 50GB of data into each new matter you create before incurring any monthly recurring data prices. For example, if you upload a 10GB Zip file containing 50GB of Outlook email PST files that explode to 250GB of storage….you’ve used 10GB of your 50GB limit (not the 50GB of PSTs or the 250GB of storage). So, after your 10GB Zip, you’d have 40GB left to upload in your matter. If you go over the 50GB upload limit in one of your matters, you have two options: 1. pay a nominal $30/gb uploaded over the 50/month price (i.e. 10GB over x $30 = $300/month), or 2. upgrade to a yearly plan and pool ALL 50GB together (i.e. 20 matters x 50GB = 1,000GB [1 terabyte] of uploads across all matters).

What’s the cost for support?

Nothing. In fact, you can literally click a button in Logikcull and instantly be connected with our success & support team for live chat. We’re here to help at all times of the day. 24 hours, 7 days a week by chat, email, and phone. There’s also a comprehensive and searchable FAQ right from within the app. No printed manuals required, hooray!

What’s the cost for making document productions?

Nothing. You can export 10 million TIFF (or PDF) images, endorsed/branded with load files with-or-without native files, 10 million times, and you’ll never be charged. You also won’t be charged for storing those productions in Logikcull, because we don’t charge for storage. In the legal market, where prices for document productions can range from $0.05/page to $200/GB, this unique capability will save you thousands, maybe millions.

What’s the cost for ECA, analytics, or document review?

Nothing. All of these features come standard in Logikcull. Our Culling Intelligence engine will give you super powers beyond what Predictive Coding or TAR can give you.

What’s the cost for data processing, OCR, and rendering to PDF or TIFF within my 50GB per-matter?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not only is all of that fully automated and automatically done on data upload, but it’s not charged for. And don’t worry, we don’t cut corners with data processing. We use MS Office to render Office documents (our competitors do NOT do this, because it’s hard and expensive). We use Abbyy to OCR (our competitors use cheaper products or don’t OCR at all, which could mean you’re missing up to 20% of searchable content). We took great care in the building of our processing engine, so that you can get a high quality product and a more accurate search index. Which is critical in discovery, because if it’s not indexed, it’s not searchable.

What’s the cost to cancel and export all of my data?

Nothing. In fact, we’ll make your cancellation as quick and painless as possible. There is no data-export (i.e. data-hostage) fee. No nothing. We want to see you incredibly successful and happy with Logikcull. If we aren’t achieving that and you decide to cancel, that’s our fault, not yours. So, as easy as it was to enter Logikcull, we’ll make it as easy to exit Logikcull. We won’t get in your way of doing what you need to do. And when your data has been fully downloaded in the format of your choice, we’ll make sure to completely erase your account and your data from our servers.

How do I bill-back Logikcull to my matters?

Easily. If you’re a law firm, Logikcull can be a few things to you: 1. A zero-cost investment to your firm where you bill-back the entire cost of Logikcull to your clients (note: you still pay us directly though), 2. A competitive differentiator to your firm, where you do NOT bill-back Logikcull to your clients (because, who doesn’t want “free” ediscovery?), or 3. A profitable investment to your firm, where you charge your clients a per-matter, per-month (or per-year) subscription price. Option 3 is the most popular choice, because A. your clients want price predictability and they are much more willing to pay a flat, and reasonable, price instead of the chaos of e-discovery pricing, B. your firm wants revenue predictability (i.e. 50 matters x $1000/month = $50k in monthly recurring firm revenue, which equals $600k in predictable yearly revenue), and C. you’ll be adding value-added services around Logikcull that necessitate charging an upgraded price. But, it’s your call. Worst case scenario, your firm pays for Logikcull and your clients are happy. Best case scenario, your firm pays for Logikcull and your clients and your firm are very happy.

What other costs are there? What am I missing?

Nothing. What you see is what you get. Still have questions? Try it or buy it and see for yourself. You can start for free, then upgrade to our smallest plan at $1995/month and go from there. If you don’t like it after a month, you can cancel and export your data. We want what you want: for Logikcull to work well for you and your team. That’s our goal. Try it and see.

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