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“No software needed. No hardware needed. No outside vendors or processing needed. Everything eDiscovery is just done for us automatically in an easy to use interface that we can access from anywhere. That’s Logikcull and we love it!”

Amy EmersonAttorney at Law
Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, P.C.

“Logikcull takes a refreshing approach to pricing with complete transparency. Add the fact that lawyers can now sit on the bus or beach and flip through discovery documents is a dream whose time has finally come.”

Brett BurneyPrincipal
Law Technology News

“Logikcull gleans intelligence from “dumb” data. It’s advanced search features enable anyone to see all relevant, responsive data in a single view. Without it, document review was a painful, cumbersome, and unmanageable process. Best part: it’s mobile!”

Jonathan DixoneDiscovery & Forensics Analyst
The George Washington University

“In my I.T. career, Logikcull’s database import tool is the smoothest and most intuitive process for dealing with load files that I’ve had the pleasure of using.”

Ren BareIT Specialist
Woods Rogers PLC

“A cloud technology like Logikcull lets us centralize all of our document discovery matters. This makes the entire process faster and easier, allowing us to do more with our limited budget.”

Matthew NaydenChief of Litigation
City of Baltimore’s Department of Law

“Logikcull enables our firm to get up and running with a new discovery matter in minutes. There’s no need for special software, hardware, FTP or other vendors. It just works and our attorneys love it.”

Austen BommaritoDirector of Information Systems
Young Basile

Packed Full of Benefits with Great Features

In Logikcull, you get hundreds of features expertly organized to not overwhelm you. Each feature packs a different benefit.

Effortless Uploading

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Have some email and office files you need to get up for review asap? Simply drag-and-drop your files into Logikcull and in no-time they’ll be ready for review. It’s like magic.

Automated Searching

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Want to find all of the potentially privileged emails & attachments in a single click? You can do that in Logikcull, because the search for potentially privileged is already built.

Powerful Productions

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Need to make a production to a requesting party in the same day? Logikcull’s powerful production features make same-day productions a reality. Produce in minutes, not days.

Upload your discovery in a single click

Easily & quickly get your discovery data (e.g. Office documents, emails & cloud data) uploaded for search and analysis.

With Logikcull, you can easily & quickly get your discovery data (e.g. Office documents, emails, & cloud data) uploaded for search and analysis. Simply drag and drop your files (or connect to a cloud service, like Box.com) and Logikcull will take care of the rest and email you when it’s ready. It’s 100% automated and secure. And just like your banking website, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest for peace of mind.

Document metadata, text, and attachments are preserved & searchable.

Images are automatically OCR'd (with Abbyy).

De-duplication & de-nisting are automatically done.

All documents are rendered to PDF for instant review and production.

Find relevance & irrelevance, faster, from anywhere

Mac, PC, tablet, mobile and even your smartwatch.

With Logikcull, you can access your discovery database from anywhere, and on any device (Mac, PC, tablet, phone, and yes, even your smartwatch). And you don’t need to install any plugins. Just log in and get your work done, wherever. But it gets better. Once logged in, you can use Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence engine to instantly find relevant and non-relevant documents in just a few clicks. It’s like shopping for documents and couldn’t be any easier.

Make your production database in record time

Producing documents doesn’t have to be so hard and time consuming. Not anymore. With Logikcull, you can build your production database in just a few clicks from your desktop, tablet, or phone. Since all of your documents are pre-rendered and ready to export, your productions will complete in record time; sometimes in seconds. And Logikcull will email you once the production is ready to download.

Produce in TIFF or PDF with or without endorsements (and all productions are FREE).

Automatically flatten and OCR redacted documents to avoid producing non-redacted text.

Include native files for all document types or just selected ones (i.e. XLS & PPT).

Create and save unlimited production templates (i.e. DOJ, SEC, etc.) to save time.

Made possible by our Culling Intelligence engine

The automation and simplicity of using Logikcull is made possible by our Culling Intelligence engine. This unique technology was built over the course of five years by a team of seasoned legal technology software engineers and designers. With Culling Intelligence from Logikcull you’ll be able to understand much more about your data without the need for blind keyword searches or complex reports. Culling Intelligence makes e-discovery easy, and intuitive for anyone.

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Simple Pricing

With Logikcull, you’ll never need to buy more servers & hard drives: It’s virtually unlimited. You’ll never need to install any software: Logikcull is 100% hosted. You’ll never need to wait on IT: It’s 100% automated.

Small Starter Advanced Premium
$1,495/month $2,995/month $5,995/month $11,995/month
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Matters 4 10 30 80


Included Free

Each matter includes up to 50GB of free processing and hosting

(based on upload size, eg. a 10GB ZIP of email = 10GB)

Pay $30/GB uploaded/month for anything over the 50GB.


With an annual license

Buy an annual license and pool your 50GB/matter together for massive savings

Need more matters? No problem! You can add additional matters for $500/matter per-month, upgrade to a package with more matters, or talk to sales about an Enterprise license.

Absolutely No Hidden Fees

Includes full processing and productions.

You can easily bill-back Logikcull to a client matter or case code

At the beginning of every month you’ll get a detailed Logikcull invoice (click here to see a sample invoice) showing you each matter along with the total data uploaded into each matter.

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