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Logikcull automates discovery so you can find documents faster, eliminate down time, be more productive and secure your data.

Trusted by the fortune 500, AM Law 200 & the US Government

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  • Veolia
  • New York City
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How Logikcull Works

From eDiscovery and internal investigations to FOIA and subpoena response, Logikcull allows you to start a project instantly, from anywhere on any device.



Data is uploaded securely and documents are automatically processed.



Documents are culled, searched and reviewed for relevance and confidentiality.



Identified documents are assembled, downloaded and shared with another party.

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Simple and secure uploading

You may know it as “collection” or “processing.” With Logikcull, it’s just upload, and it's automatic.

  • Drag-and-drop your data (PSTs, ZIPs, Office docs, etc.)
  • Logikcull automates all essential processing steps
  • Your data is sorted and indexed, metadata is preserved and documents are imaged for review.

Automated Processing

From organizing data by custodian to extracting metadata and scanning for viruses, Logikcull automatically performs essential processing steps vendors tend to miss.

Third-party databases and cloud upload

Easily upload discovery data produced to you, like Concordance and Relativity databases. Upload cloud data, like documents in, from within Logikcull.

Notification center

All Logikcull-related messages such as upload and download receipts, instant messages, and user reports, are at your fingertips. Take the pulse of your project at any time.


Easily find what you need

You may know it as indexing, ECA, or document review. In Logikcull, it's just search.

  • Build simple or advanced search
  • Save your searches
  • View documents instantly within your browser
  • Tag documents

Power search

Perform simple keyword searches, or use boolean logic like "This OR That AND NOT Those". Build advanced searches using metadata conditions and syntax.

Filter Carousel

Your data is sorted based on dozens of categories that you can search within. With a click, identify documents by tag, date, domain, doc type and more.

Bulk tag, assign or cull

You can easily bulk tag to perform an action on a set of documents. Bulk cull to remove data you don't want from your main search. Tag responsive documents en masse.



You may know it as production, exporting, or building load files. In Logikcull, it's just download.

  • Produce natively or in any common format (PDF, TIFF, CSV, Relativity, etc.)
  • Privileged documents in your production set are flagged
  • Apply Bates numbers and endorsements automatically

Download saved search

Creating a download is as easy as saving a search and clicking "download." Save a production to your device or share with other Logikcull users.

Customized templates

Easily build a download template from scratch, or you can load in a template, such as those requested by the Justice Department and SEC.

Auto privilege logs

For quick metadata-based downloads, you can export a CSV of your search results. This is ideal for privilege logs. You can also export document notes.

What our customers are saying

Katie Lynch

“I can’t say enough good things about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required that we buy expensive equipment and hire a consultant to assist. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.”

Katie Lynch
Legal Support Manager

Your data is safe in Logikcull

Logikcull provides a secure, central repository with bank-level encryption where you can host all your complex search projects and most sensitive data. It is trusted by some of the largest (and most risk-averse) organizations, including major law firms, government agencies and global corporations.

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