Larger cases. Bigger Clients.
More billable hours.

If you're an attorney trying to grow your practice, we have good news for you: Logikcull and Clio are joining forces.

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Reduce the time and cost of eDiscovery by 90%

Logikcull is the leading provider of cloud-based Discovery Automation. With Logikcull, you can capture more billable work associated with discovery and take on larger client matters.

  • Cut time to review in half
  • Bill more of your time
  • Bring more work in-house

Build your practice with
Logikcull + Clio

Logikcull automates the tedious and expensive process of discovery and data management in litigation and investigations. It is easy to use, free to create an account, and zero cost to implement and maintain. Simply drag and drop your files into and they are uploaded securely to Logikcull’s cloud-based software. Files are processed and organized for review automatically.

With Logikcull, you can:

  • Securely conduct searches, tag documents, create notes, remove irrelevant material, and share or produce documents seamlessly
  • Conduct discovery securely and affordably so you can pass on the lowest costs to clients
  • Find important evidence faster so you have the upper hand
  • Stop sending billable work to vendors who are eating into your margins

Create a new discovery project instantly

With Logikcull's new Matter Mirroring integration for Clio, you can easily create a new project in Logikcull from an existing matter in Clio, or a new matter in Clio from an existing project in Logikcull -- all at the click of a button.

Matter Mirroring reduces the time and hassle associated with entering duplicate information, so you can begin uploading discovery-related materials (like documents and emails) to Logikcull that are associated with cases in Clio.

Creating a new matter in Clio and mirroring to Logikcull

Simple drag-and-drop uploads

You may know it as collection, processing or ingestion.
In Logikcull, it's just upload.

Drag and drop your data (PSTs, ZIPs, Office docs, etc.)

Logikcull automates all essential processing steps.

Your data is imported and indexed, metadata is preserved and documents are imaged for review.

Screenshot of the Logikcull search interface

Easily find what you need

You may know it as indexing, ECA, or document review.
In Logikcull, it's just search.

  • Build a simple or advanced power search
  • View documents instantly within your browser
  • Save your searches
  • Tag documents as responsive

Customized Downloads

You may know it as production, exporting, or building load files.
In Logikcull, it's just download.

  • Produce natively or in any common format (PDF, TIFF, CSV, Relativity, etc.)
  • Privileged documents in your production set are flagged
  • Apply Bates numbers and endorsements automatically
Screenshot of the Logikcull customized download interface

Logikcull's cloud-based software makes it easy to upload, process, and organize files for review automatically.

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With Logikcull, it's easy to get started. Creating an account is free. Pay as you go.

  • Pay as you go


    Per gigabyte per month

    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited Projects
    • End-to-End eDiscovery
    • No minimum billing
    • 24/7 Support
  • Premium


    Per gigabyte per month

    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited projects
    • End-to-end eDiscovery
    • No minimum billing
    • 24/7 Support
    • Custom branding
    • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Enterprise

    Contact Sales

    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited projects
    • End-to-end eDiscovery
    • Account management
    • Migration assistance
    • Volume discounts
    • Custom branding

“Logikcull evolves with our needs and the company is incredibly responsive to suggestions and requests. Most importantly, it's easy to use and doesn't require a hefty investment in learning a confusing interface. It looks like a modern web application because it IS a modern web application that is applied to eDiscovery, which is an industry where UX and UI are often second-class citizens. In short, Logikcull is a huge advance for lawyers who need an everyday solution for document management, robust discovery tools and document production.”

Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein
Attorney, Neman | Du Wors