If you’ve ever dealt with eDiscovery, you know it can be a total nightmare: time-consuming, expensive and laden with risk. Discovery Automation from Logikcull is the antidote to the eDiscovery nightmare. Process, cull, review and produce your data seamlessly within one secure, easy-to-use platform.

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  • Secure documents with bank-level encryption
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What our customers are saying

“No software needed. No hardware needed. No outside vendors or processing needed. Everything eDiscovery is just done for us automatically in an easy to use interface that we can access from anywhere. That’s Logikcull and we love it!”

Amy Emerson

Amy Emerson

Drag-and-drop Uploads

Just drag and drop your files into Logikcull and we do the rest. Logikcull automates more than 3,000 different processing steps, including deduplication, virus scanning and indexing, so that you don’t have to. You get an email when your documents are ready to review. It’s as simple as that.

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Auto-privilege detection

Logikcull automatically flags potentially privileged emails, saving you hours of tedious review time. If privileged material exists within your production, we’ll notify you before you send it out -- limiting the risk of inadvertent disclosures.

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Culling Intelligence

Logikcull’s patented Culling Intelligence search engine helps you find smoking guns by automatically organizing documents and giving you unprecedented insight into your data set. Early case assessment and document review have never been faster.

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Real-time chain of custody

With real-time activity logs that track your every move within the application, we do due diligence for you. And you’ll have an audit log at your fingertips should your efforts ever be called into question.

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