Freedom of information relies on swift response to open records requests, but that process can be extremely time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. Logikcull automates the tedious work associated with records requests so you can review and produce quickly.

  • Reduce time to production by more than 75%
  • Speed privilege review with “drag over” redactions
  • Produce in any format with one click

What our customers are saying

“A cloud technology like Logikcull lets us centralize all of our document discovery matters. This makes the entire process faster and easier, allowing us to do more with our limited budget.”

Matthew Nayden

Matthew Nayden
Chief of Litigation

One-Click Productions

Produce documents and information in the format it’s requested -- any format -- instantly with customizable production templates and one-click downloads. Convert documents to PDFs, TIFFs or other image files, or produce natively. You can also save production templates so you don’t have to create a new one each time.

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Screenshot of Logikcull's doanload feature, useful for exporting data for FOIA requests.

Custodian Filtering

Logikcull brings the experience of online shopping to the review process. Want to identify documents that only belong to a certain custodian? Simply click the filters to work with only documents associated with a certain email domain, employee or other identifier.

Drag-and-drop Uploads

To get documents and other files into Logikcull, just drag and drop them into your browser. We automatically prepare them for review, organizing each file and preserving the metadata so that you can quickly assess, analyze and select the documents you need to produce.

"Drag-over" Redactions

Simply drag your mouse over the confidential information and click redact. Redactions have never been so intuitive. Eliminate the hassles of paper, Sharpies and Adobe Reader for good.

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