Logikcull empowers legal, compliance and HR departments to get to the root of internal disputes with minimal effort and disruption to business. With drag-and-drop uploads and search powered by Culling Intelligence, Logikcull gives you unprecedented visibility into your data, allowing you to assess your exposure and the strength of your positions fast.

  • Automated processing gets your files up for review quickly
  • Culling filters help you pinpoint important files
  • Power Search allows you to target “hot” subject matter

What our customers are saying

“Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.”

Katie Lynch

Katie Lynch
Legal Support Manager

Culling Intelligence

Logikcull’s culling filters bring the experience of online shopping to internal investigations, giving you insights into the relationship between documents, surfacing files of importance and allowing you to remove irrelevant material seamlessly.

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Instant Tagging

Flag documents with tags of your choosing so you can easily identify and share documents that are hot, privileged, or have other special value. Tags help you group documents and can be applied in bulk to reduce work.

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Collaboration Tools

If you’re working with outside partners, such as legal counsel, or with colleagues within or outside your department, simply invite those users into your project and set their permission levels so they can see only what’s necessary. Leverage Logikcull’s collaborative features, like @mentions and real-time updates, so you can speed investigations and limit duplicative work.

Real-time Audit Logs

With real-time activity logs that track your every move within the application, we do due diligence for you. Logikcull creates an audit log so that you know who did what when.

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